November 2014 AJNR Tweet Chat: CSF Biomechanics and Imaging

The upcoming November AJNR Tweet Chat on CSF Biomechanics and Imaging was inspired by the review article from the current issue of the journal titled “Spinal Fluid Biomechanics and Imaging: An Update for Neuroradiologists”. Drs. Haughton and Mardal, the article’s authors, will be our guests for the chat November 11th at 2pm CST.

Dr. Haughton is an Emeritus Professor of Radiology at the University of Wisconsin and served as president of the ASNR in 2004. He has written extensively on imaging of the spine with recent emphasis on dynamic and quantitative imaging. Dr. Mardal is an Associate Professor at the … Continue reading >>

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Notable Essay in 2014

Do Not Brainstorm!” was chosen as a notable essay in 2014’s “Best American Essays” edited by John J. Sullivan and Robert Atwan.   This Perspective appeared in the July 2013 issue of AJNR.

In 2013, the AJNR Perspective “Smiles” was chosen as a notable essay in “Best American Essays” editor by Cheryl Strayed and Robert Atwan.

In 2012, the AJNR Perspective “The Evolution of the Page” was chosen as a notable essay for 2012 in “The Best American Essays” edited by David Brooks ans Robert Atwan.

I am honored that 3 of my essays … Continue reading >>

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Annotated Bibliography, Oct 2014

The following is a sampling of editorials and papers published in response to the ARUBA trial (listed as number 1 below). I can summarize the critics by noting that the nicest thing anyone said about the trial was that that the authors are to be “commended” for at least trying….followed by elaboration of multiple, and presumably fatal, study design flaws. The point, counter-point by Drs. Mohr and Amin-Hanjani is particularly interesting since it puts it into perspective from a specific patient standpoint.

1. Mohr JP, Parides MK, Stapf C, et al. Medical management with or without interventional therapy for unruptured Continue reading >>
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Should scientists care about the Kardashian Index?

Knowing of my interest in professional use of social media, especially Twitter, my friend and mentor, Dr Pratik Mukherjee, shared with me an interesting column from the Science magazine. I found it an interesting easy read. It can be thought provoking regardless of how you feel about social media use.

Jua You, a news intern at Science, has published a column on September 17th issue of Science magazine. She has looked at the Kardashian Index (K-index) for the “top 50 science stars of Twitter”. The controversial K-index was recently proposed by Genomicist Neil Hall, and is the ratio … Continue reading >>

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Tumors of the Nose, Sinuses and Nasopharynx

Lund VJ, Howard DJ, Wei WI. Tumors of the Nose, Sinuses and Nasopharynx. Thieme; 2014; 608 pp.; 700 il.; $219.99

tumors of nose sinus nasopharynxIn a 608-page hardcover book entitled Tumors of the Nose, Sinuses and Nasopharynx, the authors (Drs. Lund, Howard, and Wei) devote the majority of the book to descriptions of individual tumors affecting the nasal cavity, nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses. After two introductory chapters—one on historical aspects and the other on surgical anatomy, diagnostic workup, and imaging—the authors, along with seven contributors, present in an orderly fashion different tumoral conditions, each in a chapter-by-chapter format.

The material is divided into … Continue reading >>

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Radiography in the Digital Age: Physics, Exposure, Radiation Biology

Carroll QB. Radiography in the Digital Age: Physics, Exposure, Radiation Biology. 2nd Ed. Charles C Thomas; 2014; 888 pp.; 713 il.; $109.95

Student Workbook: $44.95

Instructor PowerPoint Slide Series (DVD): $599.95

radiography in the digital ageWritten for students training in radiology technology (RT), and for those taking their certifying exam, this group of 4 publications is a must in any department where there is an RT school.

In crisp, well-illustrated, and well-written chapters on the history of radiography, physics, equipment, image production, computers, digital imaging computers, digital imaging processing and display, PACs, and radiation biology/protection, the author (Quinn B. Carroll) has developed … Continue reading >>

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October AJNR TweetChat

The topic for the October 2014 AJNR Tweet Chat was inspired by the paper “Adding Value to Health Care: Where Radiologists May Contribute” by R.A. Charalel et. al., which will be published in the October print issue of the journal. For a preview, the paper can be found online at the link below. I invite you to join the conversation on Tuesday, October 7 at 2pm CDT using the #AJNR hashtag. Dr. Charalel (@Resmi_Charalel) and her coauthors will be available to answer questions about their paper and discuss the complicated topic of value in healthcare, an important but somewhat nebulous … Continue reading >>

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The Facial Nerve

Slattery III WH, Azizzadeh B. The Facial Nerve. Thieme; 2014; 236 pp; 62 illustrations; $129.99

the facial nerve coverHistorically, the facial nerve as an isolated and independent subject for an entire text was unique for the cranial nerves. Mark May edited several contemporary editions based on his clinical and academic focus on the myriad conditions related to dysfunction of CN 7 (The Facial Nerve, 2nd Edition, Thieme Publishing Group, 1999). The face remains one of humanity’s most important features, both visually and as a mode of communication through emotive expressions. Most of us take for granted our good health … Continue reading >>

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Use of Non-Echo-Planar Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging for the Detection of Cholesteatomas in High-Risk Tympanic Retraction Pockets

Fellows’ Journal Club September 2014

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HASTE DWI was used to examine 16 patients before cholesteatoma surgery and the findings were compared with those seen intraoperatively. HASTE DWI showed 90% sensitivity, 100% specificity, 100% positive predictive value, and 85.7% negative predictive value in this group of patients. Only 1 false-negative finding in an infected cholesteatoma occurred.

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Non-echo-planar DWI MR imaging (including the HASTE sequence) has been shown to be highly sensitive and specific for large cholesteatomas. The purpose of this study was to determine the diagnostic accuracy of HASTE DWI for the detection of … Continue reading >>

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Screening CT Angiography for Pediatric Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury with Emphasis on the Cervical “Seatbelt Sign”

Editor’s Choice September 2014

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The authors investigated the significance of several clinical and imaging risk factors, most specifically the “cervical seatbelt sign,” in the anterior neck in pediatric patients with suspected blunt cerebrovascular injury as seen by CTA. They found that this common indication for neck CTA was not associated with blunt cerebrovascular injury. With the exception of Glasgow Coma Scale score, no single risk factor was statistically significant in predicting vascular injury.

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There are no standard screening guidelines to evaluate blunt cerebrovascular injury in children. The purpose of this retrospective study was

Continue reading >>
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The ASNR 2015 Abstract Submission Site is Now Open

The abstract submission site for the 53rd Annual Meeting at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers to be held on April 25-30, 2015 is now open:



The 2014 Annual Meeting was a success, with over 2000 attendees and a record number of submitted works; let’s keep that momentum and make our 2015 meeting another memorable year.

For more details about the 2015 ASNR Annual Meeting and The Foundation of the ASNR Symposium 2015, please visit… Continue reading >>

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