Why Can’t ASNR Come Up with Better CME’s?

Great journals and case of the day…

but, compared to Radiographics or ACR’s Case of the Day… would love to see the Neuro cases of the week or some other case base format provided for online CME… esp with higher end neurocases… (eg showing cases with CTP and MRS etc…

I know the cases are out there and the manpower im sure is there…

C’mon AJNR/ASNR… give us all a little bone…. 🙂


Why Can’t ASNR Come Up with Better CME’s?
Aaron Kaplan • Eden Medical Center

One thought on “Why Can’t ASNR Come Up with Better CME’s?

  • February 13, 2009 at 8:13 am

    Dear AK: Thank you for your comments. The Case of the Week (COW) is an activity for the fellows and open to submissions only by fellows in Neuroradiology. Understanding that these cases are seen by more than just trainees we try to vary their degree of difficulty. I certainly think that entities such as chorea-acanthosis, granulomatous amebic encephalitis, Parsonage-Turner syndrome, and Rosai-Dorfman disease among many others available in the COW database are interesting to even the most expert of neuroradiologists. You are correct in requesting better representation of our ‘advanced’ imaging modalities; only 10% of the posted COWs include them. Regarding the availability of CME I want to offer the following thoughts: AJNR (unlike other journals) is not a CME vehicle, these activities can be found in the ASNR website and at our annual meeting. There is no purpose in competing with your own parent society, this may be more important in large groups such as the RSNA or ACR. It would be difficult to offer CME for the COWs as there are no guidelines applicable regarding the time that could be credited. How many should you look at to get a one hour credit? Twenty, 30 or them? The mechanism needed to accomplish CME is complex and well beyond our current journal budget. I think that if someone needs more ‘bone’, perhaps a musculoskeletal journal/society would be a better choice!

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