Decade of Advances in Head and Neck Tumor Imaging Reviewed in Latest AJNR Special Collection

Head and Neck Neoplasms” is the new Special Collection from the American Journal of Neuroradiology. Collection Editor Christine M. Glastonbury of the University of California, San Francisco assembled the articles by adopting the perspective of an academic, but predominantly clinical, neuroradiologist. “My bias was toward articles that I have found particularly useful in clinical practice, what I see incorrectly reported at tumor board cases, or that I view as having exciting clinical potential,” she explained.

The collection is arranged in three parts reflecting the core of head and neck imaging: squamous cell carcinoma, other malignant and benign neck neoplasms, and advanced imaging techniques including CT perfusion, dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging, MR diffusion, and MR spectroscopy. “Over the next decade, these techniques are likely to dramatically influence how we image and treat head and neck tumors,” said Dr. Glastonbury. “All the authors of these articles are giants in head and neck radiology and we owe so much to their contributions to advancing our field. I hope readers enjoy learning and wondering a little more about the future of head and neck imaging.”

In an accompanying podcast, Dr. Glastonbury and AJNR’s Podcast Editor C. Douglas Phillips discuss the challenges in head and neck imaging and the ways in which advanced techniques are fostering the move from diagnosis to prognosis in this realm. This special podcast is posted along with Dr. Phillips’ regular summaries of each issue’s highlights and is available to download from the AJNR Website or the iTunes Store.

AJNR’s Special Collections are intended to provide a comprehensive source of imaging-related articles on a single topic and are released biannually on an open-access basis. Previous Collections include “Imaging Acute Stroke and its Consequences” edited by Pamela W. Schaefer and R. Gilberto González, “Acute Stroke Intervention” edited by Colin P. Derdeyn and Avi Mazumdar, “Percutaneous Vertebroplasty” edited by Mary E. Jensen and Joshua A. Hirsch, “Radiation Dose in Neuroradiology CT Protocols” edited by Max Wintermark and Michael H. Lev, and “Brain Tumor Imaging, Volume 1: Pretherapy” and “Brain Tumor Imaging, Volume 2: Posttherapy” both edited by Soonmee Cha. All are available through AJNR’s print-on-demand service (Brightdoc), where readers can order a full-color hard copy for just US $50.00, plus shipping.

Decade of Advances in Head and Neck Tumor Imaging Reviewed in Latest AJNR Special Collection

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    Awesome selection. A huge collection of open access high quality papers. I’m sure that your “special collections” will be a unprecedented success. Editorial world is changing because the world is changing. It seems that AJNR will keep leading neuroradiology editorial market for many years. Congratulations and thank you very much.

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