Diagnostic Pathology: Neuropathology and Head & Neck Pathology

Covers of Diagnostic Pathology editions Neuropathology and Head and Neck PathologyKleinschmidt-Demasters BK, Rodriguez F, Tihan T, et al. Diagnostic Pathology: Neuropathology. 2nd ed. AMIRSYS Elsevier; 2016; 864 pp; 2800 ill; 224.99

Thompson LDR, Wenig BM, et al. Diagnostic Pathology: Head & Neck. 2nd ed. AMIRSYS Elsevier; 2017; 1192 pp; 3000 ill; $247.49

In two newly published and remarkable diagnostic pathology textbooks, both second editions, one on neuropathology and one on head and neck pathology, the neuroradiologist has access to vividly illustrated and comprehensive details relating to the histopathology and some gross pathology in a wide range of abnormalities. There are so many plaudits one could give for these books that it is difficult to know where to start.

The neuropathology text is edited by Drs. Kleinschmidt-Demasters, Rodríguez, and Tihan, with major contributions from Drs. Burger, Scheithauer, Ersen, and Rushing. The text is more encompassing in score and somewhat more descriptive in the text material than the prior edition. Interestingly, the beginning of the book starts with a 2-page run down of what is new in WHO Classifications. Highlighted are diffuse astrocytomas, oligodenrogliomas, and other tumoral redesignations. Most, as one can imagine, rely on genetic definitions and explanations. In the neuropathology text there are 2 parts—the first, on neoplastic, and the second, on non-neoplastic pathologies. The former contains (as in the 1st edition) 5 sections: Brain and Cord, Sella, Meninges, Nerves, and Tumoral Syndromes, while the latter contains 4 sections: Benign Cysts, Infections and Inflammations, Vascular Disease, and a short segment on cortical dysplasia.

What is beautiful about this book, and also about the head and neck pathology book, is the widespread integration of the imaging and classic pathology of the same entity. Not only does one get a deep sense of the underlying causes of the familiar imaging findings, but one is also educated in virtually all aspects of the disease, in the bullet point format. Take just one example of the hundreds in this approximately 2000-page, 2-volume set (864 pages in Neuropathology; 1172 in Head and Neck) viz HIV encephalitis. We see a typical FLAIR MR and the gross brain of such a patient, along with key pathologic findings such as leptomeningeal inflammation, focal tissue damage, perivascular multi nucleated cells, fused monocytes, gp 120 immunochemistry, and calcifications in brain parenchyma. Added to this, of course, just as with every other disease, are the key areas to understand, such as the terminology used; the etiology and pathogenesis; clinical issues/concerns, including treatment; imaging (which, by the nature of these books, is not the primary focus); macroscopic pathology; microscopic pathology (the key parts of both books); other valuable tests; and differential diagnosis from a pathologic point view.

For the head and neck pathology book, the format is exactly the same, but we do see a number of clinical (ie, patient) images; so if you want to see what a gingival Kaposi sarcoma or a discord lupus looks like, you can. The book is full of such examples and makes studying each entity far more interesting. Drs. Thompson, Wenig, Muller, and Nelson have done a magnificent job in putting all this material together, as have their 6 contributing authors. Ten sections—Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinus; Pharynx; Larynx and Trachea; Oral Cavity; Salivay Glands; Jaw; Ear and Temporal Bone, Neck/Lymph (Nodes); Thyroid; and Parathyroid—encompass the areas covered.

For those who consult directly with neurosurgeons and head and neck surgeons or who attend their rounds or participate in their tumor boards, these books are invaluable. The histopathology, the drawings, the charts, the descriptions, all are of the highest possible educational value. Both books come with an eBook code that allows for searchable items and duplicates enhanced images.

For the true student (we are all students) of neuroradiology, these books are a must, if not as a personal purchase (preferred) then for having direct access to them through a departmental or sectional library.

Diagnostic Pathology: Neuropathology and Head & Neck Pathology
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