Diagnostic Imaging: Interventional Procedures

Walker TG. Diagnostic Imaging: Interventional Procedures. Amirsys; 2016; 800 pp; 800 ill; $339.00

Diagnostic Imaging Interventional Procedures 2nd Edition

This nearly 900-page hardcover book is not only a “how to do it” guide, but also covers key medical and surgical information related to the procedures under consideration.

The book was edited by Dr. Wicky from the University of Missouri, and there are 29 authors and 12 others listed as contributors. Clearly written for body interventionalists, there are only 4 chapters dealing with neuroradiology: stroke therapy, carotid/vertebral stenting, LPs and CSF leaks, and vertebral augmentation/sacroplasty.

There are no chapters devoted to the more classic neurointerventions such as coiling of intracerebral aneurysms or embolization of AV dural fistulas (spine or brain). Nonetheless, for those in a department where interventional radiologists may have a copy, one can read the latest thoughts regarding those 4 topics and how to deal with them. Actually, neuroradiologists ought to recommend this book to their body interventional colleagues.

In the manner of all the brilliant textbooks in this legendary series, the graphics/drawings are outstanding, the images are well-chosen, and the legends are complete with clear and unambiguous labeling.

Seven sections are included: general principles; venous, portal, and lymphatic procedures (covered in the chapters indicated above); posttransplant procedures; and nonvascular procedures. Each follows the same general pattern. For example, the chapter on varicoceles starts off with the key facts, followed by images (ultrasound and venography) taken before and after embolization, definitions/terminology, preprocedural steps (including indications/contraindications, equipment, medications, and assessing access), the procedure itself and specifics on what agents are used, postprocedural steps, outcomes, a clinical rating system, a wealth of well-selected images (4 pages worth), and selected references. This highly instructive format is repeated in every chapter—some chapters being more extensive than others—resulting in uniform clarity. As with all volumes in this series, the purchase comes with online access, allowing flexibility in viewing the material.

This textbook is recommended in the highest terms and should find its way to the bookshelf of every interventionalist.

*The second edition of Interventional Procedures in the Diagnostic Imaging series by Elsevier is now available (publication date listed as 2018).*

Diagnostic Imaging: Interventional Procedures
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