Diagnostic Imaging: Pediatrics, 3rd Edition

Merrow AC Jr. Diagnostic Imaging: Pediatrics. 3rd ed. Elsevier; 2017; 1312 pp; 2500 ill; $442.00

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Although written primarily for pediatric radiologists, the third edition of Diagnostic Imaging: Pediatrics, published by Elsevier, contains an abundance of material for the neuroradiologist. In fact, there are 3 sections (brain, spine, and head and neck) totaling 220 pages that are strictly neuro-based, and if one considers other areas where there is an overlap with neuroradiology, such as multicentric diseases or airway disease, there is appeal to those who interpret neuro-based cases.

In keeping with the style of the many other books in this remarkable series, the case material is presented in a format that is well-known to all radiologists. This hardcover volume, edited by Dr. Merrow from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with contributions from 25 other authors, includes—in addition to the neuroradiology sections mentioned above—the following sections: airway, chest, cardiac, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and musculoskeletal.

While topics in the brain, spine, and head and neck are covered in other, more specialized books in this series, having all pediatric imaging together in 1 volume is an educational plus. Of course, the e-version may be obtained with a scratch-off code when the book is purchased. As expected, each section begins with “The Approach to…”. For example, there are pages for normal myelination in the brain section and a review of cardiac anatomy in the cardiac section.

Throughout, the book lives up to the extremely high standards associated with this series. Every radiologist practicing a great deal of pediatrics imaging should have rapid access to the book either through their own copy or through one in a departmental/sectional library.

The quality of images and drawings, the completeness of imaging findings, and the all-inclusive nature of this publication makes it a highly recommended purchase.

Diagnostic Imaging: Pediatrics, 3rd Edition
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