Books Received

Books Received, March 2017

Neuro-Developmental Treatment: A Guide to NDT Clinical Practice
Judith C. Bierman, Mary Rose Franjoine, Cathy M. Hazzard, Janet M. Howle, Marcia Stamer (Authors)
Thieme; 2016; 688 pages; 339 illustrations; $79.99

The Greenberg Rapid Review: A Companion to the 8th Edition
Leonard I. Kranzler, Jonathan G. Hobbs (Authors)
Thieme; 2016; 1650 pages; 150 illustrations; $109.99…

Books Received, March 2013

Digital Mammography: A Practical Approach
Gary J. Whitman, Tamara Milner Haygood (editors)
Cambridge University Press, 2012; 264 pages $99.00

Practical Body MRI: Protocols, Applications and Image Interpretation
David J. Grand, William W. Mayo-Smith, Courtney A. Woodfield (authors)
Cambridge University Press, 2012, 166 pages, $79.00

Peripheral Vascular Interventions: An Illustrated Manual
Juergen Schroeder
Thieme, 2013, 241 pages, $119.00…