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Following an International Meeting From Home: Is It Possible?

Traditionally, annual international meetings are events to attend: a place to share a poster presentation or give an oral presentation, moderate a session, or simply to learn something new over multiple days. Preparation for the meeting includes planning the journey and choosing the most interesting lectures to attend. In recent years, it has also become easier to follow international meetings remotely, with improving availability of content online. The Radiological Society of North America and European Society of Radiology meetings, for example, allow online streaming of almost all the lectures, to help spread knowledge while increasing the visibility of the meeting worldwide.

Social media can also be a very useful tool; with the large availability of smartphones and tablets, many attendees now shares “live” snapshots of the meetings. Of the numerous types of social media services, Twitter is often the best suited for these purposes as it allows for live “micro-blogging” of events. For example, searching for the hashtag #ASNR18 allowed live following of many lectures during the last ASNR meeting, with numerous important take-home messages posted from multiple simultaneous talks.

Going deeper, one of the most tweeted lectures was “Review of Modern Classification and Nomenclature of Vasoformative Lesions” by Deborah R. Shatzkes, with near 110 tweets in almost 2 hours, including many pictures of the slides. The visibility of that lecture, and the whole session, got over the limits of the attending audience, reaching people worldwide (this author was actually enjoying the lecture from Italy).

Furthermore, Periscope, a Twitter spin-off app, allows live recording of a session, as during the Keynote lecture by Andy De Lao about the role of the Neuroradiologist in the 21st century.

Such sharing of content is an opportunity for all involved: the meeting organizers and the speaker can increase their visibility (and thereby their reputation) …

#AJNR Vessel Wall Imaging Tweet Chat Summary

Miss out on the March 2018 AJNR Tweet Chat? No worries, catch up on all the discussion.

March 2018 Chat – Vessel Wall Imaging

Hosted by Drs. Mahmud Mossa-Basha (@mossabas) & Waleed Brinjikji (@WBrinjikji).

The discussion covered VW (vessel wall) MRI protocols at different institutions, scenarios for which VW-MRI is most useful, and awareness of availability/utilization by referring clinicians. VW-MRI can add value in differentiating intracranial vascular diseases (vasculitis vs. atherosclerosis vs. RCVS) and characterization of vulnerable lesions. Catch all the conversation below!

Tweet Chat Summary 3/6/18

#AJNR Fellowship Tweet Chat Summary

Miss out on the January 2018 AJNR Tweet Chat? No worries, catch up on all the discussion.

January 2018 Chat – Neuroradiology Fellowship: Current Standings & Future Directions
Hosted by Drs. Darel Heitkamp (@DarelHeitkamp), Aaron Kamer (@apkamer), and Nicholas Koontz (@nakoontz).

The conversation covered the current job market, value of a neuroradiology fellowship (both 1 yr & 2 yrs), what to look for when applying to fellowship programs, & future directions. The consensus was that neuro trained radiologists are well prepared for both private practice & academics. Neuroradiology was referred to as the most marketable of all fellowships (… by a chest radiologist even). Read through the tweets to find out more details!

Tweet Chat 1/30/18

ASNR 2016 Meeting Social Media Recap

The ASNR 54th Annual meeting is in the books and was a huge success, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Howard Rowley and many others. The ever increasing social media presence of the society and its members continues to complement the live educational content and connect members. This year we saw a large online presence, growing lecture series, and got a glimpse at the different directions social media will head in the years to come.


By including the hashtag #ASNR16, users could participate in the meeting via platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media activity continues to grow from past meetings. During the week of the 2016 meeting there were 2,589 tweets and 369 participants on Twitter alone. 1,2

2014 2015 2016
Hashtag #ASNR14 #ASNR15 #ASNR16
Participants 50 340 369
Tweets 393 2,388 2,589
Data Date Range 5/16 – 5/22/14 4/22 – 4/30/15 5/20 – 5/26/16

ASNR 2014-2016 Annual Meeting Twitter Activity. Data obtained from

A new use of the online social media feed was trialed during the 2016 meeting — live tweeting of questions for panelists. This was successfully implemented for the Gadolinium symposium. Whether in the room or tweeting from home, Twitter users could ask Dr. Max Wintermark and panelists questions using the hashtag #GadSymposium announced at the start of the symposium.


This year’s meeting also incorporated social media content into its Healthcare Policy programming and Young Professionals Section (YPS) programming tracks. Dr. Amy Kotsenas (@AmyKotsenas) presented the well-received “Technology Disrupters and the Impact of Social Media” Monday morning. The next day, the YPS track series began with inspiring leadership lectures from Drs. Robert Barr (@rmbxray) and Christine Glastonbury (@CMGlastonbury). This was followed by ‘Why’ and ‘How’ we do it sessions from Twitter super users …

Tips and Tools for Social Media Use

As part of the dedicated Young Professional programming at ASNR 2016, there were several new lectures introducing neuroradiologists to the world of social media. For reference, some of these lectures and select reference links have been posted below.


Helpful tutorials to teach skills from basic to advanced:


Useful tools to make the most of your social media:


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