clinical neuroimaging

Synthetic MRI for Clinical Neuroimaging: Results of the Magnetic Resonance Image Compilation (MAGiC) Prospective, Multicenter, Multireader Trial

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The authors performed a prospective multireader, multicase noninferiority trial of 1526 images read by 7 blinded neuroradiologists with prospectively acquired synthetic and conventional brain MR imaging case-control pairs from 109 subjects with neuroimaging indications. Each case included conventional T1- and T2-weighted, T1 and T2 FLAIR, and STIR and/or proton density and synthetic reconstructions from multiple-dynamic multiple-echo imaging. Images were randomized and independently assessed. Overall synthetic MR imaging quality was similar to that of conventional proton-density, STIR, and T1- and T2-weighted contrast views across neurologic conditions. Artifacts were more common in synthetic T2 FLAIR, but were readily recognizable and did not mimic pathology.